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"Art is the elegant display of the structure of things. . . . We can only speak of art in poetic terms, when language is art. . . . it is experience—a moment of communion. . . . How easy to strip it bare with a few careless words. Like words cast in anger, they ripple against what we love forever. The mystery of a thing is often quite simple"

—Otto Roeper, Otto Roeper: Selected Prints 1935-1955


Five years ago today, Brent Carpenter was murdered. He was a good friend and a good artitst. He is remembered with love. June 4, 2007.



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Visit nine galleries, grouped by style, from narrative inventions and mysterious isles, to exotic still lifes and floral plates: digital collage, photographs, composites, drawings and prints. Click on the print. Miscellanea, a collection 34 images, is available from One-Off Press. To see a PDF of 92 selected images click here. See below for new prices.

Discover several often ignored sides to the works of Frederick Sommer, one of the 20th century's greatest artists: selected writings, his "drawings in the manner of musical scores," and collage. Click on his signature. New: hear a track from The Music of Frederick Sommer.
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fiction_link fiction_foyer_link Read and download short stories written in the spirit of Saki or Roald Dahl, some previously published, some not. Read a synopsis of the 1974 Polk award wining exposé Tender Loving Greed. Click on the book cover. To read "The Flute," or bloc's competition winner, a new story, "Renga" click on Flute or Renga, both are published on www.bloc-online.com NEW: for book disign.  
Information pages with a short, two-part demonstration of compositing, free downloadable information on the conservation of images and framing, pricing policy, reviews, comments and more. Click on the screen image.
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Click here for One-Off Press books.  


Turkish Delight (c) 2006, Walton Mendelson

Turkish Delight © 2007, Walton Mendelson

In a remarkably good show, "Black and White and Red All Over" Turkish Delight took best in show at the PFAA, January, 2008.



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For the pontificate, under the heading of poetic justice, a haunting scene from Annie Hall (produced for a class on McLuhan) click here then click on the word "McLuhan."


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